For all of our
active advisory assignments, we:

Work actively with your business

our own money

Earn a contingency fee based on the incremental value we help create


  • The pomegranate is an ideal symbol for the food and agriculture sectors on which we focus, as well as for the complex, messy challenges that we undertake.
  • The pomegranate symbolizes health, life, fertility and rebirth in many cultures, as does our work for our investors and investee companies.
  • It also takes a lot of painstaking and messy work to get to the valued pomegranate seeds, which not only taste good but are good for you – the pomegranate is one of the top 10 super foods touted by modern nutritionists!
  • Finally, the seeds (like our ideas) can be planted and tended to yield a substantial harvest.

We also have a boutique consulting arm

We use our collective experience in a few select industries to provide investor partners with a top-line view of the risks and opportunities of a potential investment, and a clear perspective on what we would do, including whether and how we would invest our money.

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